Our Bags

Our full grain leather bags are crafted by some of the finest craftsmen who have hand-picked the leather to ensure that we deliver the best product in quality, longevity and integrity. The mesmerizing scent that comes with every new bag tells this story on its own.

This leather has stood the test of time and has consistently proven to improve with age, similar to a fine bottle of wine. Our bags are tanned using 100% natural oils which makes this method 100% eco-friendly. The bags also tan naturally when used under the sun and can eventually turn into a dark mystic color.

Feel confident to use these masterpieces in every situation be it a trip down the beach, a quick workout at the gym, to make a statement of style in a professional meeting or to ultimately pass it down the blood line onto the next generation. Nothing would add a better touch of class to the unique legacy you will leave behind.

Undeniably, the best feature of our bags is the fact that every piece is unique. The 8.1.2 product you hold in your hands is the only bag of its type in the world. That is the quality, integrity and showmanship that we strive to offer you. Regardless, that does not give our bags permission to come with ridiculous price tags!